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Welcome to A SIMPLE MYNT, designed by

Thanks for checking out A SIMPLE MYNT, designed by myntd. Read this real quick before getting started:

The great part about Showit: you can change anything you want to! Simply click on the item and a menu will pop up above it. Double click the item or select something from the menu above the item and a sidebar will pop out on the right. This menu can be used to change the object. Change the colors of the backgrounds, text, etc! If you want to remove anything at all (like the reeds for example) go ahead... click the object and hit delete or click the trash can above the object. If you want to add something... just click on the two buttons below... either "Media", or "Add Text". These will be your portal into customization. To change text, click the text and go to the advanced tab on the right sidebar... there you will see a white window to change the text. If you want to swap a picture, click the image and go to the advanced tab... you'll see a black box at the top with the image inside. Now open your media library, and drag the image you want to replace it with to the black box and drop it in... viola! You're image has been added without changing the dimensions! This is because each image in this stylegroup is housed inside of a border (found under media/showit library/borders/round border). If you have any questions, consult the tutorials on Thank you and ENJOY!